IT Querdenkerei

IT Consulting, Training, Design, Development

I love supporting IT architects and developers in creating great software for our users:  

  • Architecture consulting.
    Data centric apps. Standalone apps.
    Scalable distributed solutions.
  • Trainings in paradise locations.
    Improve your IT skills at the most beautiful locations in the world.
    Live your mañana competence.
  • Proof of concept development.
  • Project, design and code reviews
  • .NET component design and development.
  • Modern, pragmatic solutions with reasonable effort.

Lateral Thinking

"You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper".

"In any self-organising system there is a need to escape from a local optimum in order to move towards a more global optimum. The techniques of lateral thinking, such as provocation, are designed to help that change."

[Edward de Bono]