IT538: Building Applications, Services and Components with .NET

Degree Program: MICT
Instructor: Peter Meinl
Course Title: Building Applications, Services and Components with .NET
Number of IU Credits: 2
Number of ECTS Credits:
When Offered: MICT, Trimester …
Course offered:
Course Time: Mon 14:10 – 15:40 in 2.1.09, Mon 15:50 -17:20 in 2.1.09
Language Of Instruction: English
Module Category: null
Type of Module: null
Type of Course: Elective

Area of Specialization: T1 T2 T3 T4

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Students should have a basic understanding of databases and object-oriented programming concepts.
Solid coding experience in any programming language is required.

Course Summary

.NET is Microsoft’s platform for building, integrating and running applications and services. Having a basic understanding of the .NET vision, the .NET Framework and the extremely powerful Visual Studio .NET development environment is a must for every IT professional. The open source project Mono, recently acquired by Novell, is emerging into an interesting development and runtime platform for .NET on UNIX and Mac OS X. With Appforge Crossfire .NET runs on all significant PDAs and Smartphones (Palm, Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile). The course presents all important aspects of .NET and explores key concepts of building real-world (distributed) applications, services and components

Course Content

We will discuss the goals and vision behind .NET and take a look at major features of the .NET Framework. We will explore main concepts, patterns and critical issues of architecting and building distributed, scalable, component-based applications and services. Students will gain hands-on experience by implementing key design patterns in VB.NET or C# using Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Course Organization

The course is organized as a mixture of lectures and labs.
.NET is available on a terminal server, so there is no need to install it on student computers.
Attending the first session is highly recommended, as it lays the foundation for the rest of the course
and gives a solid .NET overview for students not enrolling.

Required and/or Recommended Readings

There is no need to read .NET books. The .NET online documentation is sufficient and includes introductory information.

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Contact Information and Office Hours of Instructor


+49 (0)700 / 748 634 65 (until 23:00)
+49 (0)700 / PITMEINL



By appointment.